108|Great Resignation: Fight Like A Small BusinessPatrick Booth

Burnout, The Great Reshuffle, The Who Quit Now Era–whatever you call it, there’s an unprecidented amount of people leaving their jobs. And in some cases, the offers are absolutely bonkers.

So what are you supposed to do as a small business? You’ve hired, trained, poured into your people and now it feels like you’re just watching them leave. How can you compete with a 40% increase??

We’ve got your back.

This episode is practical, encouraging, funny and will remind you that you’re not alone.
Patrick Booth is a 2nd generation owner of CCB Technology, an Outsourced IT firm in SE Wisconsin. He’s a father, husband and leader at CCB on the front lines alongside his managers. 

This episode might be just what you need to hear to keep moving forward. The message from Patrick is clear: “You’re not alone. Keep fighting.” 

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